For Your School

Catholic Schools provide an incredible opportunity to help all young people grow, learn and become the people God made them to be. As we approach World Youth Day we can think about what we can do in our schools to make them vibrant, active and centred on Christ.

The Church’s educational institutions are undoubtedly a communal setting for accompaniment; they can offer guidance to many young people… In this way, the Church makes a fundamental contribution to the integral education of the young in various parts of the world.”

Christus Vivit (247)

Introductory Assembly

WYD Bunting

Decorate your classroom ahead of World Youth Funday 2022

Week of Prayer

Pray along with young people across the country with this guided week of prayer.

4 comments on “For Your School

  1. How can I down load the google slides and edit them
    to personalise them for my school?
    I have tried and IT support but no joy
    Could you either make it downloadable or send me the sildes?
    I have the Video!

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