Gabriella Smith

At just 29 years old, Gabriella has distinguished herself as a prominent figure in community development, specifically focusing on youth in urban environments where resources and opportunities can often be scarce.

Born and raised in an area where she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by her peers, Gabriella’s vision for her community was forged early on. Her passion for social work and her Christian faith led her to pursue an education in community service, which she later translated into action by establishing a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding young people.

Her organization sets itself apart by nurturing youth’s spiritual well-being. Gabriella understands that true community support encompasses must cater to spiritual growth and development. Participants in her programs are offered mentorship, life skills training, and opportunities for spiritual discourse, all within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Gabriella’s approach is informed by her Christian belief that every person bears inherent value and potential. With a heart to serve, she pours her efforts into programs that aim to unlock the latent talent and capability in each individual. She is known for her listening ear, her willingness to advocate for those she serves, and her commitment to leading with empathy and integrity.

Through her tireless work, Gabriella has fostered a sense of community and belonging among the youths she works with. She highlights the importance of solidarity, encouraging participants to support one another and to give back to the community as they grow. Her leadership style is characterized by collaboration and empowerment, and in many ways, she serves as a mentor who inspires others to take up the mantle of leadership in their own ways.


Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee is a young innovator at the intersection of technology and social justice. At 27 years old, he has already made significant strides in using digital platforms to catalyze action on important issues affecting disadvantaged communities across the world.

Christian Leader Under 30 Raised by a family that cherished community service and imbued with a strong Christian faith, Joshua chose to merge his spirituality with his keen interest in the digital landscape. His academic background in communications provided him with the skills necessary to navigate and harness the ever-evolving world of social media for a larger cause.

Joshua has honed his focus on social media as a means to address and advocate for key issues such as food insecurity, education for all, and environmental stewardship. This focus has led to the development of viral campaigns that engage and educate people on global injustices and encourage them to take actionable steps toward making a difference.

He emphasizes the formation of online communities that are informed, empathetic, and ready to respond to both local and international challenges.

Joshua seeks to educate others on the responsible use of technology. He facilitates workshops and speaks at conferences, sharing insights on effective digital engagement and how to steer the conversation towards meaningful issues rather than fleeting trends.

His work reflects his belief that a Christian leader’s duty in the modern world encompasses digital literacy and an understanding that the virtual world can have a real and profound impact on society. His initiatives are a testament to his conviction that faith and action are interconnected and that both can be enhanced through the smart and strategic use of technology.


Hannah Rodriguez

Hannah Rodriguez stands as a committed advocate in the fight against human trafficking, dedicated to eradicating this grave violation of human rights. At just 26 years old, her advocacy is based on a clear sense of purpose and a deep Christian commitment to justice.

Her story began with an academic pursuit in International Law and Human Rights, which revealed to her the dark realities of human trafficking. Moved by the stories of those who have suffered at the hands of traffickers, Hannah felt a compelling need to act, grounded in her faith, which emphasizes the dignity of every human being.

Recognition of this dire issue led Hannah to establish a non-profit organization aimed at providing aid and a voice to victims of human trafficking. Under her leadership, this organization has played a necessary role in not just rescue and rehabilitation efforts, but also in advocating for legal reforms to support victims and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable.

Hannah’s work involves coordinating with law enforcement, providing legal aid to survivors, and raising public awareness about the indicators of human trafficking. She believes that education is a powerful tool in prevention. She leads seminars and workshops focused on empowering individuals with the knowledge to recognize and safely report suspected trafficking activities.

She is involved in providing emotional and psychological support for survivors, helping them rebuild their lives post-trauma. She works with counselors and spiritual advisors to offer holistic care, reflecting her understanding that recovery from such deep wounds is a complex process that benefits from compassionate community support.

Despite the heaviness of the subject she deals with daily, Hannah’s resolve never falters. She draws strength from her faith and her community. Her goal is clear: to see an end to human trafficking and a world where every person can live free from the fear of exploitation.


Sophia Clark

Sophia Clark, at the age of 29, has devoted herself to the cause of education and empowerment, particularly for young girls in underrepresented regions of the world. 

Her story began in her early twenties when she volunteered with an international aid organization. Witnessing the transformative power of education, especially for communities disrupted by poverty or conflict, was a turning point that led her to establish her own non-profit initiative focused on educational outreach.

Her organization addresses the educational disparities faced by children in disadvantaged areas by providing access to schooling, educational materials, and trained teaching staff. Sophia’s programs are designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, ensuring that the students are equipped to be changemakers in their own communities.

She advocates for gender equality, recognizing that empowering young girls through education is integral to breaking cycles of poverty and contributing to economic development. Her efforts have been instrumental in enabling girls to pursue studies in fields where they have historically been underrepresented.

Sophia leads by example, embodying the principles of servant leadership, transparency, and ethical decision-making. Her organization runs leadership workshops and mentorship programs designed to inspire critical thinking and social responsibility among the youth.

She actively engages with local communities, building on their strengths, respecting their diverse cultural contexts, and involving them in the design and implementation of educational programs. 


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